Do you enjoy travelling or have an unhealthy obsession with Pocahontas? Sorry not sorry. A compass tattoo could be the perfect tattoo for you. Here’s a small collection of our favourites. […]

Want a New Compass Tattoo and Need Inspiration?

ear stretchers cringe
Have you ever noticed how the older generation (parents in particular) cringe as soon as you mention ear stretchers? Followed by them explaining how your ear will never shrink back. Followed […]

Beautiful Ear Stretchers to Make Your Mum Cringe!

night people
YMAS are back! Their previous album, Cavalier Youth, debuted at number one three years ago so fans have had a long wait. Nonetheless new album Night People is bold, ballsy and […]

Night People by You Me At Six – Album Review

Rory and Lorelai
When Rory and Lorelai spoke those long awaited last four words everybody’s jaw dropped! You’ve all had long enough to see Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life so I’m […]

Who is Rory Gilmore’s Baby Daddy?!?