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FitnessSarahFace Fitness

This year I am turning a corner in my life and improving my fitness. It’s going to be hard but that won’t stop me; I love a challenge. On my blog I will document all the ins and outs of my new found fitness and how good I feel. I have only just begun but it’ll be a great starting point. I’ve started going to gym and eating healthier so I can improve how I feel.

I love to write and being able to share with everyone how I have made changes in my lifestyle will hopefully help other people do the same. I am starting out at a very unhealthy size 18 and I hope to get to at least a healthier size 14. In my fitness area of my blog it will be everything from my latest attempt at a class to new at home exercises I’ve found good.

Poached Egg on Toast Food

I love to cook and eating healthier is key to becoming fitter. In the food section of my site I will be sharing with you all my personal recipes. I either like quick meals or something you can leave in the slower cooker all day. My favourite recipes are breakfast because I think they’re the hardest, if you start the day with an unhealthy breakfast you’ll feel sluggish all day or at least I do.

I’ll include some treats though because everyone needs a day where they can just pig out on yummy things. For me, treat days are normally at the weekend when I have time to cook something extravagant. What I love most about cooking is probably just having the chance to express yourself and experiment with ingredients you wouldn’t normally use.

FeelingsMe and Jonathan

There are quite a few subjects that I feel strongly about that are relatable and important. I think it’s really important to be able to talk about the things that are worrying you, topics you feel strongly about or just sometimes having somewhere to vent. So in my feelings section I’ll be talking about everything that I feel strongly about whether it’s how I cope with anxiety or how being alone doesn’t make you lonely.

Writing is one of my passions and if my posts reach out to people then that’s a great thing. Just knowing that somebody is going through the same thing as you or has the same opinion as you can sometimes make everything seem a lot easier. Not everyone are as composed on the inside as they are on the inside and it’s nice just to be able to talk to somebody who understands.