25 Life Lessons You Learn When You Turn 25

New Year’s Eve will be my last ever day as a 25 year old! When did I get so old? Instead of having a quarter life crisis I have quite liked being 25. I don’t feel an urge to have kids, there are no visible grey hairs and I’m happy so […]

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Run for life

My First Weigh in at Slimming World

First Weigh In Last Wednesday, I had my first weigh in at my slimming world group and got some fantastic news… I lost 4.5 pounds! Yay! Hard work does pay off. I had a week of salads, vegetables and lean meat and it worked. I even had a salad for […]

My Slimming World Journey: Day 2

First Step to my Slimming World Journey Acceptance was the first step towards my slimming world journey. In order to begin sessions, I had to accept that I don’t have to do everything on my own especially when there is a lot of support out there. I’m stubborn sometimes and […]

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What is an Anxiety Disorder and Do I Have it?

Distinguishing between what is normal and what is an Anxiety Disorder An anxiety disorder isn’t easy to diagnose when you’ve lived with it your whole life because it’s normal, right? Wrong. Imagine this scenario, you’ve been invited to a party where you don’t know anybody except your best friend and she […]

Tired of dry skin? Try Regime London’s Coconut Quench

Regime London’s Coconut Quench Capsules: Tried and Tested! Attention all dry skin sufferers because Regime London have come to the rescue. Winter makes skin dull and summer dries out skin; sometimes it feels like you’re doomed to have flakey, dry skin forever. Personally, applying foundation was a big problem for me; it […]

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