25 Life Lessons You Learn When You Turn 25

New Year’s Eve will be my last ever day as a 25 year old so let’s celebrate all the things we’ve learnt at this grand age:

  1. Water is your friend

    You’re already worrying about wrinkles so hopefully your skin will love you if you guzzle down two litres everyday

  2. Friends aren’t always forever

    Don’t beat yourself up if you drift away from friends because that’s life.

  3. Make up isn’t necessary on week days

    Raspberry gin mojito

    Raspberry gin mojito

    Another 10 minutes in bed is more important than battling with your eyeliner.

  4. Sambuca makes you ill

    By now you know your limits with alcohol; as much gin as possible but hold back on the Sambuca.

  5. Your body is a temple

    As long as you eat salads for lunch every day during the week you can eat as much junk food as you want at the weekend.

  6. You take time to relax

    Taking time to read your favourite magazine is as important as sleep.

  7. You know what hair colour suits you

    You’ve had the same hair colour for a while but you know it looks good so who cares?

  8. Take your time

    When somebody asks you where you want to be in 5 years you actually know the answer

  9. What body clock?

    You know whether you want kids or not but either way you’re not in any rush.

  10. Treat your skin!

    Furthermore to drinking water you moisturise every morning and night! Your skin will thank you later down the line.

  11. Tiny bags are a thing of the past

    A bag needs to fit your purse, lipgloss, mascara, perfume, pointless receipts, hip flask, rennies, pen and now with the whole 5p carrier bag fiasco all your shopping too.

  12. You finally feel like a grown up at 25

    Strangers no longer call you ‘that girl’ instead they call you ‘that lady’.

  13. Not everyone will like you

    You’ve accepted that certain people don’t like and you’re fine with it.

  14. Don’t let anyone hold you back

    You lead your own life and don’t listen to criticism unless it’s constructive. In the words of Heath Ledger ‘don’t let anyone ever make you feel like you don’t deserve what you want.

  15. You change career as many times as you want

    You’ve had about 7 different jobs up to now because that way you never get bored.

  16. Learn as many skills as possible

    You know lots of random things that you’ve learnt from youtube videos like how to get perfect eyebrows. It looks so easy when they do it.

  17. You actually get on with your parents really well

    Now that you don’t live with your parents you look forward to seeing them and telling them all about your week or moaning about work.

  18. Watching Netflix at the weekend instead of going out drinking is acceptable



    You’re quite happy sipping hot chocolate on the sofa with your dog whilst watching Stranger Things.

  19. Your instagram is filled with pictures of your pets instead of selfies

    Selfies only happen when you wear makeup which is now limited to weekends but your dog always looks cute.

  20. Working with a hangover isn’t worth it anymore

    Remember your late teens when you spent most of your work days with a hangover? Just the thought of working with a hangover now makes you ill.

  21. Green tea is amazing

    Any problem can be solved with a nice, hot, green tea. It hasn’t quite surpassed coffee but it’s definitely up there.

  22. Your nails don’t have to be perfect 

    Even at 25 you still enjoy picking your nail varnish off.

  23. Picking clothes is easierNail Varnish

    Now that you know your body type, you know what suits you and what looks a mess. Yes that turtle neck does make your boobs look 100 times bigger.

  24. You only have two pairs of heels 

    Instead you have countless pairs of Vans, Chelsea boots and Converse because they’re comfy and you can actually walk in them.

  25. You have great friends

    By 25 you know who’s worth your time and who isn’t so you have a group of fantastic friends.


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