10 Things People With Anxiety Hate Doing…

Having Anxiety Sucks

Anxiety can make you think the worst in any situation. Anxiety causes simple tasks, that anyone else would find easy, challenging. Such as phoning in sick or making conversation with somebody you hardly know.

If you have ever experienced anxiety you’ll understand how any one of these things can be difficult:

  1. Answering the phone

    If you have a job that requires you to answer the phone on a regular basis it can be pretty difficult sometimes. 

  2. Parties

    Parties that involve large groups of strangers is pretty much always a no go. A small bunch of friends that you find easy to talk to is much more manageable.

  3. Phoning in sick and having time off

    You only phone in sick when you literally feel like death because you wouldn’t put yourself through the stress otherwise. What if it doesn’t sound believable or what if they think your migraine is another excuse for a hangover?

  4. Mondays

    If you don’t enjoy your job then you probably start to worry around Sunday evening and it spoils your weekend. When Monday morning comes around you start to think of everything that could possibly go wrong.

  5. Not being able to sleep

    A vicious cycle begins when you can’t sleep. Something is playing on your mind and you can’t sleep but you can’t stop thinking about it. A couple of hours pass and it’s now the early hours of the morning. You have to be up in a couple of hours. Now you panic because you’re not going to have any sleep but still have to go to work.

  6. Being called shy

    This is almost as bad as being called chubby. You’d prefer introvert or even mysterious.

  7. Awkward encounters

    That awkward moment when you see somebody that you know but you have no idea what to say. Most of the time, you see people and just say hi because you’re pretending to be in a rush. To be honest you would much rather pretend you never saw them.

  8. Getting a new job

    This one is quite a challenge for anyone with anxiety, you’re really throwing yourself into the deep end. You have to meet new people, learn new skills and what if nobody likes you? What if you can’t do the job and you get sacked?

  9. Not planning ahead

    Spontaneity is not an option. If you had to get the train somewhere you would know the time of the train, platform, possible delays, time it was going to arrive at your destination and final destination of the train. That’s before you’ve even left the house.

  10. People

    If you could live on island with just you and your loved ones you would be quite happy.

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23 Responses

  1. These are great points! I don’t deal with these issues but I know many people how do.

  2. Florence says:

    I agree with a lot of points but the last…
    I don’t think people make you feel anxious, I think that you consider people “too” important, but if you just see people as “part of the deco” then it’ll all be fine 🙂 Or not?

    • Sarah James says:

      Hi Florence, yes I agree with your point and I can kind of just pretend people aren’t there. Thanks for your comment 🙂

  3. Corinna says:

    Thank you for an inside look at what someone with anxiety deals with. How do you combat your anxiety each day?

    • Sarah James says:

      Hi Corinna, I suppose I have certain rituals that I have to do. I’m very organised so I always plan out my day to handle any unnecessary stress.

  4. Paige says:

    I am a strange mix of introvert and extrovert. I make videos about my life and post them online for all to see – total extrovert move. I have to call someone I dont know or dont know well… I need to give myself a freaking pep talk… I am totally fine in groups… however, I will not be the one to initiate most conversation. But if you initiate… its ON! You will be my new bff and I will chat your ear off… I jokingly tell people that that is how I make friends. Once you talk to me I am just freaking relentless : )

    • Sarah James says:

      Sometimes if I’m introduced to somebody who is quite introverted we get on quite well but once we’re friends I’m quite extroverted.

  5. OH My Sarah, I think you are my twin. All of the above, I mean I literally look at the phone because it seems like I have to prepare myself to have a conversation. Like you said, email me you’ll get the same response. Thanks for sharing. I am really with you on #10

  6. Varun says:

    The last point pretty much sums up everything else 🙂 You tend to tap into the hate mode.

  7. Fortunately I’ve never suffered from anxiety nor shyiness. I mean, there were periods when I was a bit more tense for many reasons (wouldn’t be human otherwise). But I see also some irony in the points so this would be a great post to share my friens with anxiety. They’ll appreciate.

  8. Gladys says:

    Wow, you hit the nail right on the head with this list. I would love to read a list about how to relate to an anxious person in a positive way. In a way that would make them feel like they can pick up your call or see you on their worst days.

  9. You just made me wonder if I have anxiety problems as well or if I am just introverted (which I have already made peace with)… I absolutely dread phoning in sick… Today was one of those days when I had to do it and I only managed to call the office at 12 (and I was awake since 8 a.m). I know exactly what you’re talking about and I am not going to sugar-coat things. I am 32 now and it’s only getting worse…

  10. IamVagabond says:

    These are great points and many many thanks for sharing..


  11. Pranshu says:

    I think people need to treat anxiety and find ways to overcome it, rather than trying to find its cause or expressing their anxiety in the form of anger or sorrow.

  12. Kimberly says:

    So true with a lot of this. I am okay with mondays but parties where I do not know anyone is horrible

  13. tmc saunders says:

    I posted about anxiety a few months ago and it was so liberating! Sometimes you have to take ownership of something to take away its power

  14. I have crippling anxiety also. It has been plaguing me my whole life! I’ve always been the shy girl too, and it has really been messing with me lately. Having an older boyfriend, it has taken me almost 3 years to open up to him because I am so afraid of losing him by saying or doing the wrong thing. I think sharing our writing, though, is one of the best ways to fight it! Great post 🙂

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