Emma Roberts

Five of The Best Chokers on Amazon at the moment for Under £5

Chokers can enhance the simplest of outfits and we are delighted that the nineties trend is back. Quite a few of our favourite celebrities have jumped on the band wagon and are also accessorising with the latest trend.

Hayley Williams

hayley williams

Here’s the lead singer of Paramore sporting a simple t-shirt and cardigan with a choker.

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts

Star of American Horror Story and most recently Scream Queens. Emma is the queen of effortlessly cool and this outfit is a perfect example of this.

Tay Jardine

Tay Jardine watic

Lead singer of We Are The In Crown is rocking bright green hair with a classic choker and an oversized ripped Drop Dead jumper.

Chokers pretty much go with any outfit and they don’t have to be expensive.

Here are five chokers under a fiver:

  • Leather Choker
    Leather Choker
    Price: £4.99
  • Classic Choker
    Classic Choker
    Price: £3.99 for 6
  • Daisy Choker
    Daisy Choker
    Price: £3.28
  • Lace Choker
    Lace Choker
    Price £2.99
  • Set of Two
    Set of Two
    Price: £4.99

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