Compass Tattoo // Inkspiration

Do you enjoy travelling or have an unhealthy obsession with Pocahontas? Sorry not sorry. A compass tattoo could be the perfect tattoo for you. Here’s a small collection of our favourites.


Compass Tattoo

This Pocahontas themed watercolour would make any Disney fan envious. It also made a fantastic cover up for the previous washed out tattoo.

Tiny Compass Tattoo

Tiny Ankle tattoo

This simple design would make a great first tattoo.

White Ink

Please overlook how hipster this picture is and instead appreciate the glorious tat. White ink is about as subtle as tattoos get and it is very pretty.

Palm tat

palm tattoo

This would either be extremely painfully or very ticklish. Either way it’s impressive.


3d intricate compass tattoo

The 3D design of this tattoo makes it all the more spectacular.


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