Beautiful Ear Stretchers to Make Your Mum Cringe!

Have you ever noticed how the older generation (parents in particular) cringe as soon as you mention ear stretchers? Followed by them explaining how your ear will never shrink back. Followed by more cringing. Since when were they ear stretching experts?

We don’t listen anyway so here is a bunch of our favourites from Instagram.


First of all, plugs seem to be the least cringiest for the elder adults. Probably because they can’t see the massive hole in your ear. Regardless, there are some beautiful plugs in the world of Instagram.

The Dandelion plugs are back, in sizes 00g – 1″ 😋

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Classic Ear Stretchers

Furthermore classic ear stretchers are slightly more cringey. I don’t know about you but these look pretty awesome to us.

My new spiral 16mm #bmx #stretcher #stretchedear #spiral #16mm #piercing

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Finally, tunnels can complete any outfit and best of all can’t be faked. They are the cringiest of all stretchers for the parents. Maybe that’s why we love them so much.


Love my new @_little_doe_ tunnel earrings they’re perfect #littledoe #tunnelearrings #plugs #love #perfect

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Added bonus for girls who want to wear earrings too!

In conclusion, parents need to man up and accept our stunning ear stretchers. We don’t cringe every time they mistake a CD for a tape.


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