An Alternative Playlist to The Normal Awful Gym Music

Gym Music Sucks!

No matter what gym you go to the only music they seem to play is awful dance music. Apparently it is meant to help you work out but it just sounds like torture. Gym music is meant to be motivational and should help you power through your workout.

If you are looking for inspiration for your new gym playlist or you are looking for new music to listen to give this bunch a listen:


Foo Fighters – Best of You (album: In Your Honour)

Foo Fighters

Best Of You is a perfect warm up song for any workout

Alexisonfire- Boiled Frogs (album: Crisis)

alexisonfire crisisA great song that you can sing along to that will still motivate you.

Asking Alexandria- To The Stage (album: Reckless and Relentless)

reckless and relentless

Walking up a hill on the treadmill? This’ll keep you going.

 Fall Out Boy- Alpha Dog (album: Believers Never Die)

believers never die

 Listen to some classic Fall Out Boy whilst competing with some Granny on the rower.

Bring Me The Horizon- Drown (album: That’s The Spirit)

that's the spirit

As long as you don’t listen to this whilst exercising in water you will be fine.

Paramore- Anklebiters (album: Paramore)

Not only a great song but some motivational lyrics to go with it.

 Slipknot- People=Shit (album: Iowa)

Slipknot are perfect gym music and this song is definitely the best one to workout to after a stressful day at work.

One of those days where you just hate everyone.

Four Year Strong- We All Float Down Here (album: Four Year Stong)

You can’t not dance to this song so try not to fall over whilst your moshing on the exercise machines

Of Mice & Men- Bones Exposed (album: Restoring Force: Full Circle)

gym music
Tip: Listen to this song whilst on the cross trainer!

You Me At Six- Carpe Diem (album: Cavalier Youth

Cavalier Youth
Carpe Diem means to live in the present and forget about the past. Perfect gym philosophy.

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