Why is it that when you reach your twenties you are expected to want kids?

Apparently, f you are in your twenties and in a relationship then you should be trying for kids. You don’t even need to be married or have a mortgage. Didn’t you know that your biological clock is already ticking?

The problem is you don’t even feel like an adult yet. Every time you get asked for ID it feels like you’re lying about your age even though you are now in your twenties. In reality, you would rather spend weekends drinking with your friends than watching kids programs and singing twinkle twinkle.

The older generation do not seem to understand this and they pretty much expect all women to have children. It is a case of if you are able to have kids then you should take advantage of it.

Here are some of the responses you probably receive when you say you don’t want kids:

You’ll change your mind about kids in a few years

don't want kids

They are going to be waiting for a while before you change your mind.

It’s different when they’re your own kids

Because it’s more embarrassing when they do naughty stuff?

Why not?

80% of the time they smell like poo.

You’ll Regret it when you get older

Or you’ll have plenty of money, go on holiday whenever you fancy and get to spend time with your other half.

A lot of people nowadays can’t afford babies. A couple living in a house can find it hard affording the bills. If you then add a kid to the equation and one of you quits your job, it’s pretty much impossible. This isn’t a reason not to have kids but it does require planning.

Do yourself a favour and buy a cute little dog. They are cheaper, photogenic and will never swear at you when they reach adolescence.


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  1. Tori Gabriel says:

    It must be so infuriating. I always wanted kids but I’ve never had to explain or justify that decision to anyone. It’s unusual not to want kids but it’s also unusual not to like tea. I have just been trying to flip the question. Why did I want kids? The answer “because I did” should be just as acceptable as “because I don’t” from you.

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