Lose Weight Without Dieting With This Free App

Diets are boring and pizza tastes so good

Everyone would be skinny if lettuce tasted like chocolate and pizza had no calories. The problem is precisely that. Diets are boring and take aways are far too convenient especially with the likes of JustEat and Hungry House. This is also why everyone falls off the wagon. Anyone can go a week or so eating only chicken and salad but nobody can keep that up long term. Coincidentally those diets normally lead to binge eating. Mainly because you’ve deprived yourself from all the food you love. Imagine if we could lose weight without dieting?


(Please ignore the gif obsession)

Lose Weight Without Dieting

Yes it is possible. Moderation is the key to losing weight without dieting. Amongst other variables like drinking plenty of water and not having a side of chips with everything. In all honesty, you don’t need to live on salads alone to lose weight. If you really want a massive burger for tea just have a small breakfast and lunch. Also consider having it with a jacket instead of fries.



Which brings us nicely to the app in question. It is called MyFitnessPal and it counts the calories so you don’t have to! It also tracks other stuff like your weight, water intake and exercise.

Basically you tell it your starting weight and how much you want to lose. It then works out your daily calorie intake. There is also a barcode reader for ease.

The hardest part is sticking to it and remembering to log everything.


  • Weight loss (duh!)
  • No need to workout calories
  • Remembers your recent food and frequent food
  • You can add recipes
  • Stops you from over-indulging
  • Any calories you’ve burned from exercise get considered so you can eat more!
  • You get a clear idea of the weight you’ve lost


  • You realise exactly how many calories are in that slice of Papa John’s ‘All The Meats’ pizza
  • If you link your Google Fit account with it, sometimes it confuses steps with cycling.
  • Other people can add recipes. Eg: chicken poppers don’t only contain 1 calorie
  • It can become a bit of a chore but it’s still better than counting the calories yourself

If only you now had some motivation to go to the gym 

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