You Me At Six // Night People // Album Review

Night People

Artist: You Me At Six
Album: Night People
Label: Infectious Music

YMAS are back! Their previous album, Cavalier Youth, debuted at number one three years ago so fans have had a long wait. Nonetheless new album Night People is bold, ballsy and a mature, step up for You Me At Six. With Josh’s infectious vocals and lyrics, it doesn’t feel like they’ve ever been away.

The overall feel of the album is somewhere between rock n roll and dare I say indie. Swear has the Arctic Monkeys swagger whereas Heavy Soul sounds heavily influenced by Kings of Leon. Take on the world is reminiscent of their classic ballads, Stay With Me and Fireworks. The biggest disappointment of the album was Spell It Out. Although it highlighted Josh’s voice it came across boring and moody.

Ultimately, the lads did well and the fans who have grown up with You me at six will love the new sound.

Best song: Take On The World
Worst Song: Spell It Out

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