Not Enough Time in The Day?… Try This One Simple Solution

As a whole, our generation spend most of their day staring at a screen. Whether it’s a computer, television, mobile or tablet. Some of us work in an office all day and then go home to our computer. It is an addiction. We will literally be watching TV whilst scrolling through Facebook on our phone. It doesn’t mean what we are watching is uninteresting but we’ve gone longer than 10 minutes without checking our notifications. There’s not enough time to finish that book we’re reading because we’re too busy liking tweets.

Our entire lives are passing us by and we complain about the fact that there’s not enough time. The irony is that we don’t even realise how much time we’re wasting. According to, 50% of 18-24 year-olds go on the Facebook app when they wake up. As you’re reading this I bet you are nodding in agreement. As am I, I spend a ridiculous amount of time re-reading the same status updates for no reason whatsoever. Seeing the same cat picture over and over again and I don’t even like cats.

Not Enough Time

In order to have more free time you need to delete the Facebook app. Don’t panic, I don’t want you to delete your account! Simply uninstall the app on your devices. Facebook will still be accessible on your computer but at least it will be controlled. I know, I know, Facebook isn’t solely to blame. Snapchat and Instagram are big time wasters too, as is Twitter. Pick the one social networking app that you use the most. Whilst you’re uninstalling apps, delete a couple of games you enjoy playing that are also available on your computer.

The Aftermath

It’s not until you get rid of these apps that you notice exactly how often you use them. Since deleting my biggest offenders, I have been frequently picking up my phone just to put it back down again. I hadn’t received any kind of notification; I simply had the urge to scroll through Facebook.

Now you are free from the social media anchor that was dragging you down, congrats!

What now?

Now you have freed up some valuable time you can spend it doing things that add joy to your life. That sounded less cheesy in my head. I mean it though. Take the dog for a long walk on the beach. Learn a new instrument. Hell, write a novel if you really want to. No longer will you moan about the fact that there’s not enough time in the day! That saying always bugged me anyway.

There must be a bunch of stuff you’ve always wanted to do. Now’s the time to do it. Whilst you’re still young.

If you’re lacking inspiration, check out life changes you should make before turning 30. I’ve already done a couple myself.

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