Paramore // After Laughter // Album Review

Artist: Paramore
Album: After Laughter
Label: Fueled by Ramen

After Laughter is a whirlwind of 1980s new wave and synth-pop with some honest lyrics. Paramore have come a long way from their pop-punk roots. Although the general sound of the album is upbeat and rhythmic, the lyrics are deep and depressive.

Hard Times sets the tone perfectly for After Laughter with it’s playful sound coupled with emotive lyrics. Told You So is contagious and will be stuck in your head forever. In contrast to Brick By Boring Brick from their self titled album, 26 is it’s exact opposite; the song focuses on becoming a dreamer. From the very first line, it is obvious that Grudges is about Zac Farro and it’s one of the happiest songs on the album. Hayley’s natural voice shines through on Tell Me How and brings the album to a close perfectly.


Although controversial, their new sound shows how they’ve grown as a band. Even though everyone likes a sad song we don’t want an album full of depressing lyrics. Cheer up Paramore; Zac’s back! Even Hayley’s hair is sad.

Favourite Lyrics:

‘Cause your voice is a gun // Every word is a bullet hole // Shot a hole in the sun

  – Forgiveness

Rating: 3.5/5


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