People Watching in the Canary Islands

People Watching in Fuerteventura

Only recently have I returned from Fuerteventura and one of my favourite past times whilst sunbathing was people watching. I know it sounds weird but it’s interesting seeing what other people are doing and where they are going. Also because I’m a bit strange I gave people nicknames or grouped them together (obviously I didn’t speak to them). The best thing about people watching in a different country is if they don’t speak English you can guess what they’re saying!

Lara Croft

Lara Croft was a french girl and she was the most memorable from all my people watching. She was a lone ranger. I nicknamed her Lara Croft just because she was tough, every time she walked into a room I thought she was going to beat everyone up. She looked a lot like Carly Rae Jepson without the cute-ness. She was with people but just chose to spend most of the time on her own, that’s why she was my favourite.

The Geeky Germans

It didn’t start off too great with the geeky Germans. It was man and wife and the woman was quite athletic and the man looked like santa clause. When we first got the hotel we went up and down in the lift by accident three times and every time the elevator doors opened the Germans were stood there waiting with hands on hips to get in the lift. Eventually we got out at the 2nd floor which was the wrong floor and waited for the lift back downstairs and out of the lift came the two Germans. The women looked at me and said, “Oh no, not you AGAIN?” It was scary stuff.

Anyway a couple of days in I saw the lady attempting yoga (one of the fun hotel activities) and I had a new developed respect for the guts she had. (They were geeky because they were always reading)

The Perfect Eyebrows Crew

There were a few girls with impeccable eyebrows (I was very envious). Eyebrows are hard. Even the teenagers had amazing eyebrows. But in the perfect eyebrows crew was a girl who was really pretty but she treated her boyfriend like rubbish. He even carried her hand bag for her! Poor guy.

The Loud Chav Family

Yuck, I hate chavs and loud chav teenagers. One of the teenage chavs had perfect eyebrows but she had a bad attitude. The teenagers were always arguing and the mum was always just sat next to the pool sunbathing. I avoided them lol.

The Drunk Guy

There was a guy who was drunk at all times. Every time he stumbled over I avoided eye contact and hoped he would wander passed (this didn’t work). I’m quite unsociable and I don’t like drunk people when I’m sober but my mum’s too polite. She speaks to anyone she can. The drunk guy’s wife wasn’t very happy.

The Emo Teenager

There is always an emo teenager nowadays. She wore her favourite cactus t-shirt most of the time and always looked depressed. She always sat in the shade and didn’t speak to anyone. I used to be that emo teenager it was hard to pretend you didn’t care at all times so I respected her.

The Purple Haired lady!

I nearly forgot about this one. There was a lady who was in her sixties and she had silver hair with purple streaks and it looked amazing. I was chatting to my mum how the women I had seen on the coach had amazing hair and my mum said she was sat behind me. I didn’t want her to think I was talking about her behind her back so I told her how good her hair looked and then we had like a 20 minute conversation and became holiday BFFs. And people say I’m unsociable.

So if I ever write a book and these characters started popping up you know where I saw them first.

People Watching in canaries


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