Who is Rory Gilmore’s Baby Daddy?!?

When Rory and Lorelai spoke those long awaited last four words everybody’s jaw dropped! You’ve all had long enough to see Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life so I’m not holding back on any spoilers. Here they are in case you forgot them:

Rory: Mom?
Lorelai: Yeah?
Rory: I’m pregnant.
 Best. Cliffhanger. Ever! How can we not want more seasons of Gilmore Girls after that bombshell? In fact Amy Sherman-Palladino if you’re reading this then we’d like a 3 hour film followed by never ending seasons.
 Any Gilmore Girls fan has a firm favourite when it comes to Rory’s previous boyfriends. Dean was the first love, Jess was the bad boy and Logan was the posh college boyfriend. I’m #teamjess all the way.

Rory’s Baby Daddy: the contenders

Logan and Rory  Logan

Logan was her college boyfriend and although he is handsome, he’s a complete snob.
Rory stayed over at Logan’s whilst she was in London even though he was engaged to be married. Even more cons for the Logan pro con list.
If things were different and they were in a real relationship the fans would probably accept it because Rory would be happy but that’s not the case so he’s still a douchebag.

Rory and Paul  Paul

Paul was Rory’s most forgettable boyfriend ever. I honestly had to google his name before typing this. If we’re being honest then he’s not really a contender but he was her boyfriend at the time even though she was probably spent more time with Logan.

He seemed like a great guy but he deserves a girlfriend who remembers who he is! For this reason I hope it’s not him even though he has got great hair.

The Mysterious Wookiee!

So aside from the last four words the best quote of A Year in the Life has to be:

“I’m just a big, fat, Wookiee-humping loser.” – Rory Gilmore

Going off the timing it’s not a possibility but that would have made a great Friday night dinner conversation.


Not in that way! Rory might have a thing for married men (sorry not sorry) but she’d never do that. Let’s think about it. Lorelai and Luke have been playing around with the idea of having a kid together. Even Paris has been involved and was parading her surrogates around Luke’s diner.

Rory could be Lorelai’s surrogate? It is possible. If I were to pick my favourite eventuality it would be this one. It would be perfect but all the signs point to it being Logan’s.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens next. Fingers crossed ASP wants to do more really soon. A Hep Alien tour would be awesome to!

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