Reasons to go to the Gym Today and Stop Procrastinating

To the Gym!

Ask yourself this question, how long would you say on average you spend checking your facebook, taking pictures on Snapchat and watching cat videos? About 3 hours a day at least? You could burn up to 700 calories if you go to the gym and do an hour long spinning class!

Think of all that time you have wasted re playing the same Angry Birds level when you could have been getting fit. Don’t fear there’s still time.

Myth busting

The gym will be full of super fit men and women.

Guess what? The gym is full of people exactly like you. Yes there may be a couple of muscly men and women but they aren’t scary; if anything they are inspiring. It is filled with people of all ages. Nothing will motivate more than a 70 year old frail lady beating you on the rower.

 Gym memberships are expensive

Not if you shop around. Quite a few gyms now offer a free tour so you can see the gym before hand. If you think you will just be going once a week then pay as you go.

If women go to the gym they will get big muscles

When you go to the gym you do a combination of cardio and weights. The only way you’ll get massive biceps is if you only do bicep curls and nothing else.


  • Those jeans, that are too small but you love them too much to throw away, will finally fit you.
  • You will end up drinking loads of water so your skin will look amazing.
  • You will have a lot more energy and you will hardly ever feel tired during the day.
  • It will genuinely encourage you to eat better. You might still have beer and pizza at the weekend but salads for lunch during the week.
  • Once you start to feel fitter, your confidence will grow and you will feel happier.
  • Your confidence will also grow in the bedroom department with moves you never dared before.


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