Life Changes You Need To Make Before Turning Thirty

If (like me) you are in your mid twenties you are probably dreading turning thirty. Mainly because of the fact that you haven’t accomplished much in the 20 odd years you’ve spent on this planet. Don’t despair I am here to give you ideas of all the things you can easily accomplish by the time you reach the big three oh.

So stop procrastinating and start doing (by reading my list) 😉

1. Move into your own place

Firstly, if you haven’t already done so, you need to move out of your parent’s house. If you’ve got a bit of money saved then you could buy your own place. Can you imagine meeting somebody when you’re 30 and bringing them back home to be greeted by your mum?

2. Get a Tattoo

This might not seem important but it really is. Everyone has that one tattoo they have always wanted and now’s the time. If you don’t have any ideas then the obvious next step is Pinterest.

3. Explore the world

FYI: Going to a neighbouring country doesn’t count. Flights can be quite cheap and so can accommodation with the help of sites like Airbnb. The world is your oyster.

4. Be healthier

Sorry but it’s time for the harsh truth. You need to start eating better. Start with drinking more water, cutting out liquid calories and avoiding take aways on weekdays. It’s not hard if you put your mind to it and put a bit of effort in. Stick to it but at the same time don’t be too hard on yourself.

It wouldn’t hurt to add a bit of exercise into your daily regime either. Start with something easy like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or getting off the bus a stop earlier. You could even join a gym!

5. Learn a Language before turning thirty

Did you know that £22,332 is the average annual salary of a translator? That’s not the reason why it’s on the list though. There are kids that can speak in 3+ languages and you are limiting yourself to one. You will feel a real sense of accomplishment if you stick to it too. It could also help when you go travelling.

6. Don’t settle if you’re unhappy

Although this primarily relates to work; it can refer to anything in your life. If you are not going to follow your dreams now then when will you? Also if you are unhappy at work then you need to focus on what part of the job you don’t enjoy. You don’t need to have your life planned out and you can take risks if you want to.

7. Be selfish sometimes

Start putting your own needs before everyone elses. The next time you’re doing something for someone ask yourself if they’d do it for you. If they wouldn’t then don’t do it. You will save yourself a lot of time and everyone will respect you slightly more. The problem with being too nice is everyone starts to take you for granted and no longer appreciates you.

 8. Keep up with Politics

It’s time to educate yourself with the world of politics. Ignorance to politics with our generation could be the downfall of us all. Don’t give in to pressure and do your homework. Read all the manifestos and make up your own mind.

9. Expand your circle of friends

turning thirty

Have you noticed you don’t have as many friends as you used to have? Some days you might be quite happy sat at home browsing cat videos on youtube but other days you crave some socialisation. This doesn’t mean drifting apart from your current friends. You could go for a drink after work with a colleague or catch up with an old friend over a coffee. Having a few more people you call friends will make you feel less depressed when turning thirty.

10. Be brave and take more chances

Don’t let the fear of failure cloud your judgement when making decisions. If you want that job/promotion then go for it. Hell, start your own business if that’s what you want to do. Whilst we’re on the subject, stop caring about what everyone thinks. If you think it’s a good idea then go for it.

 In conclusion to all these life changes before turning thirty…

I’m pretty sure you’ve probably crossed some of these off already and if you have you should feel proud. Why don’t you make your own list of things you would like to accomplish. It doesn’t have to necessarily be before turning thirty it could be anything. Then as you cross them off your list you will feel like your life is going in the direction you want it to go.

Finally, why don’t you do a list of everything you’ve already achieved up to now and you might be surprised at how far you have come already.

PS- Ideas that didn’t quite make it onto the list:

  • Write a novel
  • Start a blog/vlog
  • Learn a new skill

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